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About is an online surplus product distributor based in Shanghai, China. We are legally registered as a private company(Shanghai Fengqian Network&Tech Co.,Ltd). This site was open at March, 2013. However, we have several years' experience in running stores at various major e-commerce platforms (ebay, Taobao, Aliexpress). Throughout the years we have offered customers worldwide a convenient way to find service parts, wearing parts, tools, machines, ALL at low cost. In the meanwhile, we own a professional team keeping focus on sales advice and custom support.

What we sell?

Industrial goods, Capital goods, Electronics, Clothing and etc.

What is the source of goods? Is it reliable?
As the name imply, we do surplus business. Most of our industrial products are purchased from Customs Confiscated Goods Auction. Every transaction has official invoices/proof of purchase. We also check one by one before listing it on website.

Enjoy your shopping at and wish you the best of luck !

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